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ARTS FISSION runs its own in-house dance and arts programmes for children and teenagers. The enrichment programmes aim to advocate lifelong enjoyment and appreciation of the arts from young to adulthood. (Click here to learn more about the programme) The company presents annual public performance and exhibition to showcase creative works by the young people.

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Where The Wild Beasts Feed

4 to 31 Jan 2021


Where the Wild Beasts Feed is a dance-theatre performance about wildlife forced to forage food among the urban waste. Recent reports of animals from the wild rummaging for food in the cities further reflect the escalating environmental tension between human and beast. The performance calls awareness and respect to the importance of co-habitation for both humans and wildlife.


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Curious Fish

4 to 8 Nov 2019

Drama Centre Black Box, National Library Building

A mysterious sea world deep in the ocean hides rich treasures of gems, minerals, and oil.  Dwelling in the lowest layer are strange looking marine denizens with no names.  


Down there, sunlight is not missed, and rainbow colors are not prized.  Acoustic pulses dance secret codes through the waves.  Only the moonlight can seep through the cracks of the thick water and make everything sparkle like fireflies in the dark.    


But not for long this blissful calm! 


Hungry mining vessels, treasure hunting underwater submersibles and hordes of spying drones are finding their ways down to the deep ocean layer. 



Calling all marine warriors! 

How do we protect and guard this precious twilight zone?

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Paradise Aloft

1 to 3 Nov 2018

Drama Centre Black Box, National Library Building

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Paradise Aloft tells the riveting story of a sinking island due to rising sea levels and threatens all who live there. The inhabitants’ only hope depends on the mythical Peng Lai Island (蓬莱岛) when it is airborne at the bewitching hour before it disappears into the land of clouds again.  

Audience young and old can expect whimsical wildlife characters in fantastical costumes and enjoy the captivating performance of children dancing alongside professional dancers. The production enables the audience to learn about climate change and its environmental threats through an engaging and immersive theatre experience.


17 & 18 Nov 2017

Drama Centre Black Box, National Library Building 


The Theatre of Trees turns the giant trees in our city into fantastic dramatic characters and speak to the children about their precious gift of natural heritage. Young audience can enjoy an immersive theatre journey that transports them to an imaginative world where they discover and learn the importance of connectivity in our fragile environment. 

The hallmarks of Young People Enviornmental DanceTheatre always featured children performers with professional dancers in a riveting performance. With original music created by Young Artist Award composer Philip Tan and script by Cultural Medallion recipient Angela Liong, the high production value of the performance promises to enthrall both audiences young and old. 

Remember Elephants enables children from urban centers to see wildlife in reference to their own life in the urban environment through a thoughtful performance. The dance story revolves around the challenge of the elephant herds finding their ancient migration route to seek water and food amidst the disruptions due to logging and lost of natural habitats.  


The poetic staging will have a mixed cast of children performing alongside professional dancers from The Arts Fission Company, with music and soundscape created by composer Philip Tan. This imaginative dance-theatre production will have audiences young and old enthralled.    


12 & 13 Nov 2016  

Drama Centre Black Box, National Library Building 



Part of ARTS FISSION’s Young People Environmental Dance-Theatre Production, Serenading Pangolins brings you the tales of the Pangolins. Through creative staging and choreography, this production aims to raise awareness on the threat of extinction on the Pangolins.


The dance-theatre performance uses children performers alongside professional dancers in a series of dreamlike and dramatic episodes that bring out the plight of the extremely endangered ant-eater, the Pangolins. A group of children come up with ideas to help the poor Pangolins. Although their helping effort is small but they manage to spread the news and get more people to help out. The performance includes interactive audience segments all in the name of rescuing the most hunted Pangolins. 


3 October 2015

Drama Centre Black Box @ National Library​

As the meaning of "folly" implies a non-purpose built structure designed purely for decorative and amusement purposes, this performance presents whimsical installations that enhance incidental dances and spontaneous music playing at unconventional spaces inside the exhibition gallery with young people dancing alongside with professional dancers. 


In creating an event space with carnival-like atmosphere, Follies for é Birds aims to relate to audiences young and old about the eventual loss of our depleting environment (both physical and spiritual) through a poetic and meaningful theatre experience. 


22, 23, 29, 30 August 2014

National Museum of Singapore



A group of Kinnaree people (half-bird half-human beings) lost in the city are about to rediscover who they are and where their real home is through the help of Things With Wings.


Supported by professional dancers, a strong core of children performers from Arts Fission’s Young Dancers Theatre Ensemble presents a dynamic dance on their journey of discovery!


Family audience and children can sit freely on the floor (picnic style) of the Black Box theatre around a marked centre stage and enjoy the close distance to the performers.


The annual Young People Environmental Dance-Theatre by ARTS FISSION is a platform to present quality performance for children and family audiences. The production regularly features professional dancers and musicians performing together with children dancers in unique theatre installation. The performance integrates environmental issues with related Asian myths for a meaningful theatre experience.


23 & 24 November 2013

Drama Centre Black Box @ National Library



Paradise Aloft

1 to 3 November

Drama Centre Black Box @ National Library


Theatre of Trees

17 & 18 November

Drama Centre Black Box @ National Library


Remember Elephants

12 & 13 November

Drama Centre Black Box @ National Library


Serenading Pangolins

3 October

Drama Centre Black Box @ National Library



Follies For é Birds

22, 23, 29, 30 August 

National Museum of Singapore



Things With Wings

23 & 24 November 

Drama Centre Black Box @ National Library



Rainbow Palace of the Sea


Drama Centre Black Box @ National Library



What's a Forest?


Esplanade Theatre Studio


Out of the Blue


Esplanade Theatre Studio


Fireflies Are Not Afraid of The Dark

21 & 22 November 

Jubilee Hall Theatre, Raffles Hotel


Imagine Trees
​​13 & 14 December 

Esplanade Theatre Studio


Tiger Burning – A Young People's Rock Wayang

1 & 2 December

Esplanade Theatre Studio


Who's Playing with the Sea?

16 & 17 December 

Esplanade Theatre Studio


Doctor In A Teapot - A Children Dance Wayang

5 & 6 November 

Esplanade Theatre Studio



Magic Flute - A Children Dance Opera

​4 & 5 December 
PlayDen, The Arts House at the Old Parliament​


Hopscotch Botanica
22 & 23 November 

Palm Valley, Singapore Botanic Gardens


Manora's Wing

6 October 

Singapore Botanic Gardens (Lawn E)


Tales with Wings
02 September 

The Symphony Stage, Singapore Botanic Gardens



Where The Wild Beasts Feed

4 - 31 Jan 2021



Curious Fish

17 & 18 November

Drama Centre Black Box @ National Library

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