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23 & 24 April 2015  |  ARTS FISSION's Garden Studio

The Sandbox is devised as a creative space for ideas and possibilities – it is the alternative platform for the ARTS FISSION dancers to articulate their own personal dance ideas and share their creative process of performance making with a small audience.


Akin to the childhood experience of playing with sands and building sandcastles, the temporal nature of sand allows flexibility, changes and free play.


The Sandbox enables the ARTS FISSION dancers to become thinking dancers who are engaged with the world and the everyday, and who connect and extract material from the environment, architecture, people, and culture into their own dance expressions. 

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Garden Affairs: 016

13 & 14 December 2012

This intimate performance-sketch is the result of ARTS FISSION dancers’ latest cultural research in Chiang Rai, Thailand led by company artistic director Angela Liong. 

The research is part of ARTS FISSION’s ongoing exploration for vernacular dance vocabulary under the initiative New Asian Dance Immersion Project.

The 24 solar terms serve as seasonal markers of the year in traditional East Asian lunisolar calendars for the agrarian societies.
Using the seasonal markers to establish a movement grid, the dancers were able to create their own personal impression of what subtle seasonal changes mean to urban living in the 21 century.

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