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Ong Chong Han Gregory runs his own law firm, Gregory Ong & Co. has assisted the company with legal advice to aspects of its intellectual property and acted as a legal consultant to the company’s operations. 

  • Date of Appointment: 19 January 2005 

  • Position: Chairman since 28 September 2015 

Yeo Eng Siong (Daryl) is the IT Manager of Cargill Asia Pacific Pte Ltd and has contributed with much advice on human resource and staff development. Daryl Yeo is also an active volunteer and Board member of the Singapore Sports Council. 

  • Date of Appointment: 01 August 2012 

  • Position: Treasurer since 28 September 2015 

Jasmine Kway Hwee Ling is the Chief Executive Officer of Singapore Volition. Jasmine Kway was a former Senior Intellectual Property Technology Consultant at the Institute of Engineering Singapore when she joined ARTS FISSION. She has entrepreneurial experience and is a volunteer for many community services and contacts with grassroots organisations. She has been regularly connecting AF to possible strategic association with many social services organisations. 

  • Date of Appointment: 02 November 2015 

  • Position: Member


Angela Liong Pui-Yin is the co-founder and artistic director of ARTS FISSION. A prolific dance-maker with a large body of works, she has shaped the distinctive dance profile of ARTS FISSION since the company’s inception in 1994.
 Referred by the Arts Magazine (issue Mar-Apr 1999) as “Singapore’s shaman of dance,” Angela Liong has created many performances for unconventional public spaces to solicit place memory for the urban public through dance experience. Her dance works for ARTS FISSION have been presented regionally and internationally since the mid-2000s. Angela Liong is the recipient of the 2009 Cultural Medallion and continues to create dance works for ARTS FISSION on diverse issues that affect life and the environment in Asia. 

  • Date of Appointment: 31 May 1994 

  • Position: Member & Executive Management Team – Artistic Director

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