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A DANCE HYBRID:  The Arts Fission Company 【化生艺术团】

As the longest incorporated contemporary dance company in Singapore since 1994, ARTS FISSION has gathered a diverse and groundbreaking dance-making record. Under the artistic direction of Cultural Medallion Recipient Angela Liong, ARTS FISSION has evolved into a dynamic hybrid that creates dance works relevant to people and everyday life.



  • Informed by Asian aesthetics and cultures, ARTS FISSION taps the pulses of new Asia to create original and inquisitive dance works. 

  • Take creative impetus from topical themes like rapid urban changes that affect irretrievable cultural and environmental losses in our times.

  • Collaborative in nature that crosses disciplines and even industries to embark on creative discoveries as well as explore possible connections in everyday life. 

  • Pioneered site-specific dance performance* in Singapore to extend dance beyond the conventional stage. Unearth place memory and poetics of everyday through bringing arts to the people.

*Notable site-specific works: Rooftop gondola tracks of the 35th-storey Singapore Centennial Tower (Urban Sanctuary, 2000); the Yorck Passage at Copenhagen (Borrowed Scenery, 2003); up and down the 3-storey pre-war shop-house at Selegie Road (Daydreams & Night Musings, 2008); the National Geographic Retail Store inside Vivocity Mall (Weather Stations, 2009); at a cul de sac in the heart of the city (Folly of a Garden, 2012); annex of an entire gallery chamber and glass showcases at the National Museum Singapore (Follie for the Birds, 2014); on the grand staircases of the newly redesigned historic buildings of the former Supreme Court and City Hall turned into National Gallery (In the Name of Red, 2015), and at the ArtScience Museum's rain oculus and museum interior (Mirror of Clandestine Blooms, 2016); at the open lawn of Victoria Arts Centre as well as Northcote Town Hall in Melbourne (Fire Monkey, 2016 & 2018).



  • Dance as intervention - Everyday Waltzes for Active Ageing, was initiated as a wellness creative movement programme in 2009 and has since been developed into diverse movement curricula that brings quality of life to different target beneficiaries like the frail elderly, prevention of fall for ambulant seniors, and as intervention to support dementia research*.

*ARTS FISSION has collaborated with healthcare professionals and organisations like the Singapore General Hospital through pilot projects on using dance as intervention to support dementia research. In 2020, Yishun Health commissioned Arts Fission to develop a creative dance curriculum that can be learned and practiced among community members for prevention of fall. 

  • Dance as expertise enhancer for allied health professionals - developing creative movement curricula that serves to augment professional practices of the healthcare professionals.

*Since 2014, Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) has been commissioning ARTS FISSION to develop a viable dance curriculum to train allied health professionals in eldercare and enable them to engage the frail and infirm elderly with meaningful artistic activities. 

  • Dance as character building for the young - under the company's in-house children enrichment programme, the arts granary, an arts benefit project (Young Fission Benefit) is established with philanthrope foundation fund to enable disadvantaged children the opportunity of immersive arts experience. The project aims to stimulate curiosity and imagination as well as character building in children.



The Barefoot Dancers Initiative (since 2007) is an annual cultural expedition where ARTS FISSION leads its company dancers to rural areas of Asia through critical engagement in the study of human relationship to land and nature.


The research trips have proven to be an important cultural awakening with creative implications for Arts Fission's dance work. This active engagement with people, places, land and nature through social and cultural interactions sharpens artistry and build performance depth for the Arts Fission Dancers. 

The onsite research experience also enhances the company's dance work to connect audiences to a larger living environment and deepens awareness of their own existence. 



  • Design diverse range of arts outreach activities to engage community and people of all ages. 

  • Connect people to the poetics of everyday with richly human arts experiences. 

  • Enabling intergenerational awareness and interaction with theatre productions*.

*Since 2013, the company has been collaborating with The Philharmonic Orchestra in the creations of large-scale intergenerational performances like The Rite of Spring: A People's Stravinsky, 2013, and The Mazu Chronicle, 2015, and Garden.Uprooted, 2018, that featured cast of elderly and youth with professional performers presented at the Esplanade Concert Hall and the Esplanade Theatre.


2009 Cultural Medallion (Dance) Recipient

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