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A People's Stravinsky


22 June 2013 Saturday, 7.30 pm

Esplanade Concert Hall

Presented by The Philharmonic Orchestra, Singapore & The ARTS FISSION Company
In Collaboration with Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay

To mark the centennial year of Stravinsky’s iconic work, The Rite of Spring : A People’s Stravinsky is the first collaboration between two Cultural Medallion recipients - Maestro Lim Yau and Choreographer Angela Liong.


A People’s Stravinsky reinterprets the original work with staging that highlights people from the community in dramatic roles. 

It incorporates the creative energies of the elderly, children, and volunteers from the community with professional dancers and musicians, making it an exciting inter-disciplinary and multi-generational artistic endeavor.

The 1913 original work was created to capture the culture and rituals of old Russian rural communities. The reinterpretation of The Rite of Spring in the 21st century brings back the narratives of the community, grounding the iconic piece through an Asian perspective with rhythms of the seasons of life.

Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring


The year 2013 marks the centennial year of Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring, which premiered in Paris in 1913. The piece is recognised as an iconic work in the history of music, and more specifically, one that is associated with the revolution of musical norms: it transformed the way people thought about music and ballet, and more importantly, the expectations of what music and ballet should be.

While celebrating the timelessness of The Rite of Spring’s durable legacy and the universality of its themes, this production is conceptualised in its original spirit of innovation, and will feature the element of contemporary dance through an enterprising collaboration between The Philharmonic Orchestra and The ARTS FISSION Company.

The Rite of Spring : A Community Photography Showcase

15 – 21 June, Library@Esplanade

A group of community photographers came together to chronicle through photos, the story of this special collaboration. This photography showcase presents a unique perspective of the community engagement process – an intimate look at the ordinary people who make this production truly A People’s Stravinsky.

- There will be a talk by Maestro Lim Yau and Choreographer Angela Liong on Sun 16 June, 3 – 4 pm at library@esplanade. In a highly interactive session, they will share their thoughts on their creative process as well as introduce elements of the production such as the costumes, music and creative movement. Admission is free and is open to the public.


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