Where The Wild Beasts Feed
A Digital Production 
21 May - 9 Jul 2021
Standard Ticket Price $10
School Assembly Programme Special Rate $2000*
*Eligible for Tote Board Arts Grant under NAC-AEP


The Philosophy


Just as a granary is used for grain storage, the arts granary works as a creative deposit for children to grow imagination and develop visual literacy in order to navigate the highly visual culture of today’s world. 


the arts granary inculcates a poetic aesthetics in children beyond mere drills of technical skills.  All the arts activities and learning aim to foster a strong sense of cultural identity through the children’s individual artistic expression.  Character building through the exposure of arts and culture is also one of our important learning goals for the young.  

The School


the arts granary is a premier creative arts school initiated by The Arts Fission Company.  It provides art and dance training activities for children in a nurturing environment.  Hidden in the secret garden like Cairnhill Arts Center behind busy Orchard Road, the arts granary allows children to explore and discover the magic of imagination and self expression through art and dance activities led by supportive arts facilitators.


What makes the arts granary different than most children enrichment programs are its unique approach to curriculum design and the dynamic way of workshop delivery.  Small class size offers children immersive experiential learning opportunities and reinforces positive social interaction through intimate group sharing. 

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