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ARTS FISSION is known to be the first dance company in Singapore to stage site-specific performance (since 1996) in public places. The most notable site work was in Dec 2000 with the seminal production of "Urban Sanctuary", a soaring performance presented on the 35th storey-rooftop of the Centennial Tower located on the Singapore waterfront.

ARTS FISSION has received regional and international invitations to stage site-specific works since 2001. For instance "Borrowed Scenery" was first staged in a bamboo village of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, in June 2002 and later travelled to the old town of Copenhagen Denmark in September 2002.

Flower Moon EDM1.jpg
Flower Moon Over Singapore River《花月夜》
A Celebration for the Commoner

9 & 10 September 2022

7:30pm & 8:30pm

Cavenagh Bridge

1 Fullerton Square, Singapore 049178

Flower Moon over Singapore River《花月夜》– the annual Moonstruck Series by ARTS FISSION, will be presented at the historic CAVENAGH BRIDGE. The performance is offered free to the public as a celebration of respite to ease social isolation under the COVID-19 pandemic in the past two years. 

The staging at a bridge is inspired by the famous long Chinese scroll – Upstream at Qing Ming Festival 清明上河图. Original music for the performance is by composer Zechariah Goh Toh Chai. Using contemporary composition treatment, he deconstructs the familiar Chinese music melody of Spring. River. Flower. Moon. Night. 春江花月夜 and presents his version with suona, flute and drums performed by the Chinese percussion group, Reverberance.


The dance works are created by ARTS FISSION Dancers and curated by artistic director Angela Liong. Two duets of note featured myth-inspired dances. DRAGON MORPHING by Aisha Polestico and Andine Elaina references the story of the fish that leaped over the mountain top and transformed into a majestic dragon. GOBBLING THE MOON by Marveen Lozano and Cymone Woo depicts two frogs vying to swallow something more than the animals could handle.

Moon Musing
A Mid - Autumn Celebratory Performance

6 & 7 Sep 2019

13 & 14 Sep 2019

8.30 - 9pm

PUB Boardwalk In Jurong Lake Gardens

104 Yuan Ching Rd Singapore 618665

MOON MUSING is a lunar theme dance performance that takes place by the lake.   The performance makes reference to the 50th anniversary of the moon landing and triggers off our never-ending fascination of the moon. 


The performance pitches old stories and cultural musings with the lunar phenomenon that resulted in an amalgamate of moon related music from operas like Puccini’s Turandot and Dvořák’s Rusalka, a dubstep remix of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, and new rendition of the Chinese Suzhou pingtan (苏州评弹)music.      


Part of the set-up also includes a 2-meter floatation moon that lends luminescence to the performance space at the PUB Boardwalk in Jurong Lake Gardens, the third national garden of Singapore.  

Moon Musing.jpg

Fri, 29 Sep @ 9pm

*Gardens By the Bay, Supertree Grove

Sat, 30 Sep @ 7pm

**Singapore Botanic Gardens Shaw Foundation

Symphony Stage

Sun, 01 Oct @ 7.45pm & 9pm

Phoenix Avenue


Wed, 04 Oct @ 9pm

*Gardens by the Bay, Supertree Grove

* Held in conjunction with Mid-Autumn @ Gardens by the Bay 2017, jointly organised by Gardens by the Bay and National Arts Council, in partnership with Chinese Media Group of Singapore Press Holdings, Singapore University of Technology and Design, and People's Association.

** Singapore Botanic Gardens performance will be held at the Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage without a trailer and will be joined by musicians from National University of Singapore.


Moonstruck is a whimsical dance-theatre piece conceived by professional contemporary dance group The Arts Fission Company.  A cultural collision of the familiar Chinese legend of Chang Er (嫦娥) with the  Apollo 11 moonlanding is sure to delight audience of all ages with a new riveting mid-autumn story.

What’s exciting about Moonstruck is that the dance performance takes place on an open top 41-foot trailer as a pop-up stage (except the performance at Botanic Gardens).


The dance performance features well-known music that are inspired by the moon like Dvorak’s opera aria Song to the Moon and even a metalized arrangement of Beethoven’s famous Moonlight Sonata.

Dance of the Barefoot Guardians


14 & 28 July 2017

5pm & 7.30pm

NTU Centre for Contemporary Art @ Gillman Barracks

In collaboration with NTU CCA Singapore as part of Stagings, Arts Fission presents a dance performance inspired by the film and photographic works of acclaimed German Artist Ulrike Ottinger. China. The Arts – The People. Photographs and Films from the 1980s and 1990s is the first large scale exhibition of the Artist in Asia presented by NTU CCA Singapore*. 

The Exhibition captured and framed in her films and documentaries, China and Mongolia’s everyday life, from its urban to rural environments. In a direct response to Ottinger’s images, Cultural Medallion choreographer Angela Liong created the dance work, 
Shaman/Peasants – Dance of the Barefoot Guardians.

The performance intercuts urban trance music with traditional sounds from China’s minority tribes, setting a disparate cultural quiltwork where shaman figures transgress through ancient and modern times, and an urbanite ensemble in blue and black garbs morphs between the ambivalent realms of cultural and political affinity.


9 & 10 December 2016

Arts Centre Melbourne Lawn

100 St Kilda Road, Melbourne

Presented by Multicultural Arts Victoria

In association with Victoria Chiu and The Arts Fission Company (Singapore)


Multicultural Arts Victoria



The Arts Fission Company 


Venue Supporter

Arts Centre Melbourne


With the Support of

The National Arts Council 

The Year of the Fire Monkey has unleashed increasing uncertainty and disruption in the world. The collaborative dance creation between Melbourne and Singapore, made across two countries separated by oceans, reflects on the anxiety of our time and invokes collective memories across cultures in the hope to mending broken myths and finding human connection.

Staged at the iconic Art Centre lawn, this site specific piece embraces the energy of Melbourne’s arts epicenter and ties it to the Chinese animal zodiac with 2016 being the Year of the Monkey under the element of Fire.  Fire Monkey also involves different communities in Singapore and Melbourne by asking participants to use 3000-year old Chinese oracle bone script to create hand-dyed fabric strips as modern text messages across oceans. The colorful strips made by community members are incorporated in a spectacular installation at the performance site.  




29 September 2016 | 7:15 PM & 8:30 PM

ArtScience Museum

Presented as part of ArtScience Late at

ArtScience Museum in celebration of the opening

of Journey to Infinity: Escher’s World of Wonders. 

Mirror of Clandestine Blooms [镜花水月] is a site-specific dance creation conceived by Cultural Medallion recipient, choreographer Angela Liong in collaboration with her dancers from The Arts Fission Company. Audiences are led through to various locations of the ArtScience Museum and encounter different performance segments.


The site-specific performance maps the architectural features of the museum and layers the space with temporal dance acts. The 4th level Expression Room is transformed into a pop-up club a la 17th century ballroom that plays electronic Bach pieces with dancers hopping on island-stages.  

IN THE NAME OF RED                            THE SCROLL OF NANYANG INK

4 - 6 December 2015  |  8, 9, 10 PM  |  National Gallery Singapore

Two site-specific performances by The ARTS FISSION Company

For the official opening of The National Gallery Singapore

The Scroll of Nanyang Ink visualized the idea of layering space and time through different movement scenarios along the 36 m long green corridor that serves as the unique performing space in the format of a Chinese handscroll at the Supreme Court Terrace.

In The Name of Red is a site-specific performance that takes inspiration and pays homage to the red hues and objects found in paintings under the different Southeast Asian collections of the National Gallery with dancers in red scaling the two grand staircases at the Padang Atrium. 

31 January, 6 - 7 February 2015
9:15 PM | National Design Centre

Encounter fresh takes on memorable dance moments from Arts Fission's seminal past works

Catch up with former company members Elysa, Scarlet and Bobbi who are back to celebrate Arts Fission's 20th anniversary…

Watch out for Arts Fission's dynamic company dancers as they navigate old and new spaces at the revamped National Design Centre…

Meet dance master Sukarji from Indonesia and Compagnie Irene K from Belgium as they share their creative impulses…

Created by present and former company dancers as well as past and new collaborators of Arts Fission, Incidental Performance features new creations that will be performed at various sites inside the National Design Centre, a building that has been ‘made new’ with its present spatial reincarnation. Presenting a series of simultaneous performances in the spirit of spontaneity and the incidental, the site-specific staging at the National Design Centre also throws historic reference to Art Fission’s seminal site-specific dance in 2000 at the 35th rooftop of the Centennial Tower.


The site-specific performance turns the building of the National Design Centre into a world where fragmented dance episodes collide into chance encounters. This life’s-coming-and-going is further encapsulated by the multi-layer narratives of the spiky tetrahedron installations with a complex soundscape.


All the movement works presented have a strong sense of journeying.  Dancers constantly gathered and dispersed, drawing the changing dynamics out of our everyday existence.   Be it a serendipity gathering of strangers, or planned meeting of acquaintences, the ever fluid crowds assumed a larger personae who speaks to the audience of the neverending search for dreams, companions, and a place to belong. 



17 - 19 April 2014

artspace@222, Queenstreet

Reverse the end to start,

Soothe the tremor to part.

Hold the wings ajar

and slow the fanning to halt.


But beating has turned to sighs

And gathered winds to rise.

The butterflies in our stomach

will never be still with fluttering declined

Choreographer Angela Liong collaborates with composer Joyce Beetuan Koh, sound designer Yong Rong Zhao, visual artists Sai Hua Kuan and Wang Ruobing, and lighting designer Genevieve Peck to present this multi-disciplinary performance at Queen Street 222 Artspace. The performance is staged in four small adjacent gallery rooms to present an immersive theatre experience for an intimate capacity audience (only 40 audience for each performance).


The artists play with the ideas of change inspired by the Butterfly Effect and Chaos Theory. They start a chain reaction in a process that compressed sounds, lights, movement, and sights into intense performing pockets that shift around in different gallery chambers. These fragments of dramatic narratives engage the audience with simultaneous happenings that soon have them moving from room to room. This free milling generates similar dynamics as in the Chaos Theory and is unleashed within the rooms.


The performance alludes to spiraling changes of the fragile environment caused by human callousness. In the confine of four small chambers, we glimpse the peril of humanity if we continue with our oblivion at present rate.

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