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The Floating Feast

The Floating Feast: 12/12/14

Lunch: 1130am - 130pm

Ta-Ke, Studio M Hotel

The Floating Feast is a lunch gathering to celebrate the close relationship ARTS FISSION has with the community and other working partners.

The lunch kickstarted with a few rounds of games before moving on to the Table Dance that the dancers have choreographed in their exchange trip in Belgium.

Lunch was in a buffet style with the guests and elderly coming together for a nice meal together with the company.

Read below to see the dancers and company members' thoughts and reflections about the event!

Do visit our gallery here to view more pictures!

Ms Liong: It was truly a thanksgiving gathering to mark our appreciation with elderly beneficiaries, healthcare professionals, arts administrators, parents and children. From the flowers to the food to the laughs we shared, it was a day we forgot our troubles and basked in sheer goodness. Viva la Vida!

Edwin: Just in time to reflect the original spirit of Christmas, we gave thanks and shared friendships, as love and sincerity tangled in the air with the aroma of the feast.

Tomomi: Each of the elderly's hugs and smiles made the best last day of the year for the company. Thank you very much for joining us.

Mimie: As an artist, nothing is more important than knowing that my work is important to someone. Seeing these elderly people's happy smiles, I know that I am on the right track.

Naomi: It’s heartening to know that what we do can make a difference to someone else’s life. Great to see everyone come together to share a lovely meal.

Andrea: It was such a pleasure to be able to instill a great sense of joy and happiness into everyone.

Geraldine: Nothing beats coming together to share a meal, and to give the one that that is priceless, our love!

Liyana: Seeing everyone come together brings about a sense of happiness and a smile, eating together while chatting away reminded me of how a small gesture can mean so much to someone.

Meta: Their smiles and great spirit are the best reminders of the joy of life.

JingLin: It was truly a heartwarming experience to see the interaction between everybody present at the lunch. I am very honoured to be able to share this joy of giving this season. The elderly had some of the warmest hugs and brightest smiles, it really makes me happy to see them enjoying themselves over this very simple lunch.

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