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The Rice Bowl Day 14

Dinner on 28/11/14

Roasted chicken drumsticks marinated in red wine

Sardine and radish salad

Stir fried cabbage with pork slices

White rice

Roasted chicken drumsticks marinated in red wine
Washing the white rice!

Tomomi: オイルサーディンをずっと使ってみたかったけど、自分で買ったことはなかった。やはり想像通り旨い。サーディンばかり食べ過ぎて、胃の中にチキンの入る隙がなかった。白菜と豚肉の炒め物は、日本の定食にありそうで、落ち着く味。

I have always wanted to cook and eat sardine for long time, but I have never really tried. So the first time I ate it today, I realised that it was actually pretty good! In fact, I ended up eating too much sardine till I didn't have space left in my tummy for the chicken haha!

And fried cabbage with pork slices tastes like Japanese "teishoku".

Fried cabbage with pork slices

Angela: We are beginning to clear our fridge of uneaten meat, veggie and fruits as the end of the residency is closing in. I'm made more aware of the importance of order in the kitchen, particularly if it is a communally shared one.

Haphazard stored items in the fridge would easily result in oversight and wastage. Preparation of cooking procedure required sequential line-up of necessary tools and specific ingredients (pretty much like the stringent layout of the surgeon's operating table). When there are dishes simultaneously prepared and cooked, juggling timing, pairing of tools and material are indispensable as that would determine the final outcome of the lmeal.

Did I just describe the creative process and production of art making?

Edwin: With the constant use of the oven to prepare dinner, I find myself thinking of different oven receipes to prepare dinner for my family in the immediate future. Provided I can find such fresh produce as the ones found here. Hmmm..

Mimie: ปลาซาร์ดีนบีบเลมอนปรุงรสฝรั่ง พอให้เราชิมอดรู้สึกว่าขาดอะไรไปสักอย่างไม่ได้ เลยต้องงัดข้าวสารออกมาเทใส่ไมโครเวฟไปหยิบมือหนึ่ง อบให้สีออกน้ำตาลแล้วก็เทใส่ถ้วยกาแฟ ตำด้วยด้ามทัพพีแล้วฉันก็ได้มันมา .. ข้าวคั่ว

It was because of the Sardine and radish salad that made me think of Khao Khua (crushed grilled rice). The salad was made in Western style but there must be some similarity between this western dish and Thai Larb. So I made Khao Khua with microwave and pounded with ladle's handle and it actually went really well together.

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