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The Rice Bowl Blog Day 10

Day 10

Dinner 1720-1910


Thai styled omelette

Stir fried pork slices with Chinese cabbage in Myanmar tea leaves

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Edwin: Comfort food. Everyone has one for different situations, be it falling ill, homesick, heartbroken, stressed, tired. What food can do to relieve emotional tension is amazing. Little life hacks, homemade remedies.

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Mimie : Omelette was a bit burnt. That reminded me of the first time I made omelette when I was 9 years old. It was for my mum. She went home late that night and she said she had a headache and hungry. I made omelette for her and asked her to eat. It was burnt and it was not the thing she wanted but she ate it.

เจียวไข่ไหม้ไปหน่อยวันนี้ เลยนึกไปถึงวันที่ลองเจียวไข่เป็นครั้งแรก วันนั้นแม่กลับดึก เลยตั้งใจเจียวไข่ให้แม่กิน แต่เจียวไม่เป็นมันเลยไหม้ แต่แม่ก็ยังยอมกิน

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Tomomi: そうです。私達が欲していたのはフィッシュソースなのだ!

Yes,What we want was fish sauce!

photo 3.JPG

Angela: in the primarily European grocery store, the discovery of the Asian food section and above all seeing fish sauce from Thailand on the shelf was nothing short of a revelation! The jasmine rice was very accommodating while I was still deciding to make porridge or rice. It was rice done first then request of porridge (from the sick quarter of Edwin) came later. A quick pour of water into the cooked rice actually could still turn out decent thick porridge at the end. And that's how an impromptu performance was made!

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