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The Rice Bowl Blog Day 9

Dinner: 23 Nov 2014

Singapore chicken curry: sauce packs, chicken thighs, carrots, potato, egg plant, leeks, red chilli, coconut milk, garlic, and a small can of anchovies (to intensify flavor).

Stir-fried mixed vegetables: Cauliflowers, French beans, Leeks, Mushrooms, sweet yellow and red capsicums with black pepper sauce.

Steamed Thai jasmine rice

Baked rice pudding (bought from outdoor farmer market) for dessert

Belgium beers

Sparkling wines and chocolates from the guests

Hard at work in the kitchen!

Curry powder!
Marinating chicken

Tomomi : ついに Irene K のメンバー達と共に食事。テーブルの上には、シンガポールカレー、柿の種、ベルギービールにチョコレート、そしてポテトチップス..。


We finally had dinner together with Irene K members.

We had Singapore chicken curry, Japanese snacks, Belgium beers, chocolate and "potato" chips.....on the table. I think that there are many things we could share, not just the food. I was able to converse quite a bit in Japanese as there were two Japanese dancers from Compagnie Irene K and that made me relax, yay!

Mimie : Curry is a real bridge between our cultures. How can a curry be a curry without curry and spice? And how can a curry be a curry without potatoes? And what is a perfect match to eat with this curry? Ja! RICE!

แกงกะหรี่ไก่วันนี้เป็นตัวแทนความสัมพันธ์ของสองวัฒนธรรมได้อย่างดี แกงกะหรี่จะอร่อยได้ก็ต้องมีผงกะหรี่กับเครื่องเทศ และส่วนผสมหลักอย่างหนึ่งที่ขาดไม่ได้ก็คือมันฝรั่ง และแกงกะหรี่กินให้อร่อยมันก็ต้องกินกับข้าวสวยร้อนๆ เพราะฉะนั้น เมนูอื่นที่ลงตัวกว่านี้ไม่มีอีกแล้ว

Tomomi taking in the wondrous smell of curry
Stir-fried mixed vegetables

Angela: Tonight's dinner for nine was hosted with the occasion of another birthday celebration. This time it is Irene's birthday. After this Sunday morning performance at the Leopold-Hoesch-Museum in Duren, Germany, we spent much of the afternoon negotiating the degree of spiciness for the pot of chicken curry for our Belgium guests. Turns out that the consistency of the curry was too watery even with coconut milk added. So more running up and down to ask Mrs Leffin our landlady for some cream/milk to thicken the sauce.

Now we understand what it means to prepare a meal as a labor of love. The concern to gauge the guests' taste and appetite became a key consideration in the cooking process. It's now a visceral objective to reach out to the guests' stomach and give gustatory pleasure through culinary delights. In a nonverbal cultural exchange through the simple communal feast, both dancers from Singapore and Belgium relaxed and dropped their formality - real conversation flows........

Edwin: What kept coming up this dinner was the different cultures of dining hospitality. How should we serve the food, how should we entertain the guests and how we can make them feel like they're getting the complete Asian experience. Ultimately asking ourselves, what is the Asian experience?

Bottoms up!
Group photo together with the Compagnie Irene K dancers

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