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The Rice Bowl Blog Day 8


Dinner 1905-2145

Rice pilaf

Stir fried potato with carrots

Broccoli with mackerel

Angela: Left-over rice from yesterday turned into rice pilaf with the preserved tea-leaf spice from Myanmar. What culinary intelligence that preserved vegetables and spices are invented and passed down through the ages. New potatoes and skinny carrots cooked soft in some unknown herbs (a cache came with the bag of potatoes with no information). After dinner we have sweet grapefruits for dessert, although Mimie thought it was very sour to eat without her keeping a straight face. Well nonetheless it's a good stringent dose to replace a saccharin, cliche birthday cake any day for me. Today it's both Mimie and my birthdays!

Edwin: Happy Birthday Mimie and Angela! And we just found out that tomorrow is Irene's birthday! What are the odds?! Today's post dinner talk was the most honest to date, referencing back to the relationship with my grandma (bless her soul and can't wait to meet her again) to the times I ran my dad's bar like a blind driver behind the wheel. Reminiscing old old songs and discussing the emotions felt back then.

"Goodbye may not necessarily be a sad word, if we can understand the possibilities of our next step."

Mimie : ต่อให้หนีไปจนสุดขอบโลกก็หนีความทรงจำไม่พ้น เพราะเรื่องราวจารึกอยู่ในสิ่งรอบๆ ตัวแม่นยำกว่าตัวหนังสือที่จดลงสมุดบันทึกมากมาย ควันของพริกและกระเทียมเมื่อสัมผัสกะทะร้อนฉ่ายังเตือนให้นึกถึงห้องครัวของบ้านเก่า เสียงเพลงที่เปิดระหว่างกินข้าววันนี้ ก็เล่าเรื่องราวรอบๆ ตัวมันในวันก่อนได้ชัดเจนกว่าเนื้อเพลงที่นักร้องร้องให้เราฟังหลายเท่า

No one can run away from his memories cause they are not in one's brain nor diary books. They are all stored in everything. I mean REALLY everything. Nice spicy smell smoke of chili and garlic from the hot pan reminded me of the time spent in my cozy kitchen of my old house. And music played during dinner time today told stories of the days when they used to be played better than the lyrics itself.

Tomomi: 人参、ジャガイモ、ブロッコリー..彩りのバランスがとても良い。美しい彩りは食欲をそそります。そして、野菜にしろ魚にしろ'皮'には 旨味があるよね。

Carrot, Potato,Broccoli..their color balance is quite good. Beautiful food colors sharpen our appetite. and there is nice flavor in skin of Vegetables and fish .


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