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The Rice Bowl Blog Day 6

Dinner 1827-2004hrs

Roasted eggplant, paprika, fennel, potato with Chipolita sausages.

Tagliatelle with spicy tomato based sauce.

Angela: we had a after rehearsal drinking session with Irene K and dancers in a tiny local bar. It was fun to share and get to know each other in a more relax occasion. Edwin has invited them for a Sat dinner (makes you wonder what Monsieur Ed-Win is planning to whip up?! Hmm....)

The sharing of cooking dinner so far has yielded interesting movement ideas and ingredients (ha, I bet some of you think that we are only doing a cooking show!). We experimented to "transcribe" color, texture, and treatment from the culinary art into movement art. We are still deep in the fermentation stage. Phew, talking about making pickles and kim-chi!!!

Edwin: We've all started to ascertain different roles during the preparation of dinner and the movement of the floor pattern in the kitchen has started to be smooth and less hesitant. That feeling of development reminds me so much of home and how I work so well with my wife in our kitchen.

Tomomi: 長いこと誰かと料理をするということがなかった。毎日カンパニーメンバーと食事を作っていくうちに、少しずつそれぞれの担当みたいのが生まれてきた。

It's been a long time since I've cooked with someone, and after 5 days of cooking together, we start to know what we should do during cooking time.

Mimie: How come?

Some leaves have never been called veggies?



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