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The Rice Bowl Blog Day 4


Dinner 1810hrs - 2100hrs

Green Curry with chicken, potatoes, and leek

Stir fried French beans with white button mushrooms

Jasmine rice

Angela: Who'd have thought an innocent curry meal triggered off the fire alarms three times in a row! Last night's dinner was an exciting culinary display of furious smoke and steam and cracking spices jumping in the pot! We can still smell the pungent spices early this morning lingering in the corridor. What would our landlady say?! Should one apologize for cultural dietary differences, or expect tolerance and civility? And to answer Mimie's query: if all Asian kitchens have fire alarms installed, I say the fire stations will be very busy indeed!

Edwin: Finally, something spicy! Reminds me of my dad's over spiced cooking ambitions. Dessert, single malt whisky. Yummy! Always good to end dinner with a high dose of saturated laughter.

Tomomi: 強烈なアジアのスパイスはアラームをも、驚かせた。

Strong Asian spice surprised smoke alarm!

Mimie: Do Asian kitchens normally have a smoke alarm?

ปกติห้องครัวต้ม ผัด แกง ทอด แบบบ้านเรามีเครื่องจับควันรึเปล่านะ

Preparing the ingredients before cooking them!
Preparing the ingredients before cooking them!
Marinating chicken drumsticks!
Hard at work.... in the kitchen
Mushroom and long beans!
Green curry chicken! Mm!

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