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The Rice Bowl Blog Day 3


Dinner 1700hrs - 2010hrs

Baked black pepper chicken with roasted capsicums, paprika, carotts and mushrooms and garlic

Blanched celery with sea salt, peppercorn and a dash of teriyaki sauce

with Thai Jasmine Rice

Angela: funny how the subject of the use of hand-made food came up after dinner. We all lamented how the skillful hands that used to make dumplings and other desserts have lost their memory in our instant culture days. Where have the hands that remember and know how to churn out food with intelligence and love gone to?

Edwin: please do not wash the mushroom. didn't manage to count the number of bottles of beer we shared. happy hour during the roasting hours. long and meaningful conversations post dinner.

Tomomi: 細い人参はオーブンで焼かれてミイラみたいだったけど、味は甘くて美味しい。

Skinny carotts become like a mummy baked by oven, but taste is sweet and yummy.

Mimie: chilli should be spicy, shouldn't it? พริกควรจะเผ็ด ไม่ใช่เหรอ?


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