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The Rice Bowl Blog Day 1

While in Eupen, Angela and the dancers are preparing their own dinners. Each one of them will contribute an ingredient to the meal they prepare.

The food, utensils, dining culture, eating mannerism, and the whole experience will make up the creative ingredients of the company's collaboration with Irene K dance company.

Here's the thoughts, feelings and scents from first dinner in Eupen.

The Rice Bowl Blog

Date: 15 Nov 2014

Meal: Dinner 1754hrs - 1953h

Menu: Aglio olio linguine with anchovies, zucchini and white button mushrooms.

Angela: inside this tiny kitchen, a mist of garlic and basil and anchovies lingers in the air.

Edwin: so hungry, I can't stop slicing up the zucchini, while making sure they are all of exactly the same thickness. mushrooms next.

Tomomi: 強く香ばしいニンニクとアンチョビの香りは、私のマフラーにまで染み込んだ。'Strong good smell of garlic and anchovies stay on my clothes long after dinner'

Mimie: ทุบกระเทียมทำสปาเก็ตตี้ แต่กลิ่นกระเทียมดันทำให้คิดถึงผัดผักบุ้งไฟแดง 'smashing garlic for making spaghetti, I thought of stir-fried kang kong.'

At the dining table

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