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ARTS FISSION's 20th Anniversary Celebration

Encounter the different faces of contemporary dance at familiar and new spaces of the National Design Centre: INCIDENTAL PERFORMANCE by returning former Arts Fission dancers and new international collaborators delight you at unlikely performance spaces ; learn about how the discipline of design shares the DNA with the creation of dance in the exhibition DANCE BY DESIGN; drop in for the world  cafe forum at The Arts House in the DISCOURSE OF WIND AND THUNDER ; Tomorrow’s dancers and arts practitioners can join Arts Fission in THE TALKING DANCE for some stimulating anecdotes of historic dancing days in Singapore; while Arts Fission celebrates its community outreach works by hosting a gathering of intergenerational beneficiaries and other social service collaborators in FLOATING FEAST FOR EVERYDAY DANCERS.  



Make It New celebrates and marks 20 years of Arts Fissionʼs presence in the contemporary dance scene in Singapore since its inaugural performance at the Asian Performing Arts Festival in 1995.


Not intending to just dwell in the past and present a retrospective, Make It New is forward-looking in spirit by re-examining past works of Art Fission: the themes, ideas, concepts, and performance stagings in order to recreate new dance inspirations, initiate stimulating dialogues, reconnect with past collaborators, and engage with new audiences from there.


Make It New is a 10-day event featuring diverse programmes at different locations. This concept enables Arts Fission to share with the public and experience the multi-faceted contemporary dance through Arts Fissionʼs own creative journey in the span of 20 years. 

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