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ARTS FISSION's 20th Anniversary Celebration

DISCOURSE OF WIND AND THUNDER  |  The Arts House  |  7 February 2015  | 11 AM - 4:30 PM

Discourse of Wind and Thunder

- capturing the arts ephemeral





How can we describe, document and deepen our experiences with ephemeral arts such as dance?


The day's programme has two parts: first, listen to artists and arts writers from different fields talk about their engagement with the ephemeral arts; then be taken through a series of conversations and creative activities that facilitate an investigation into the processes behind contemporary art-making and appreciation. 


Hosts: Kenneth Kwok and Angela Liong


Limited spaces.

Get your tickets here  or call the Arts House at (65) 6332 5919 to be part of the conversations!



Part I

A dialogue session with professional artists who create work through words, music, movement and/or the physical world around us. What does it mean to truly engage with the arts and all the possibilities that they offer? How do we intensify our experiences with artistic forms, especially the ephemeral arts, if we do not always have the means to fully describe what we see and hear and feel? Is the personal experience itself enough? Must it be shared? And what happens if it exists only in one’s memory?  



Part II

Using the World Café model, participants will come together as a community to investigate four key questions around the idea of deep encounters with the arts. You will work with different group members each time as you are led through short (and fun!) creative exercises that challenge, provoke and stimulate your thinking about creating and appreciating artistic works.    




Visit this website to find out more about Discourse of Wind and Thunder at The Arts House!



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