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ARTS FISSION's 20th Anniversary Celebration

DANCE BY DESIGN  |  National Design Centre  |  30 January - 8 February 2015  | 9 AM - 9 PM

FREE Admission


Learn about how the discipline of design shares the DNA with the creation of dance in the exhibition DANCE BY DESIGN.


DANCE BY DESIGN is a 10-day event that allows members of the public to have an Arts Fission Experience through an exhibition on the design elements used in creating contemporary dance performance. The exhibition aims to enable visitors to discover the synergy of the creative kinship between Dance and Design.  It also reveals that the notion of design is not limited to just the tangibles but includes how intangible ideas are imagined and construed. 


The following design genres are showcased by using contemporary dance works as the creative receptacles:


  • Set & Installation design applied as spatial narratives of kinesthetic experience

[Bin Ong Kian Peng]


  • Lighting design used to illuminate motions in space as well as the dynamic stillness of objects in the performing area

[Gabriel Chan]


  • Sound design created as sonic structure to extend the movement dimension and heightened sense of space

 [PerMagnus Lindborg]


  • Graphic design that captured moods and framed images of the fleeting moments

 [Joyce Ng]


  • Costume design constructed as kinetic wearables

[Angela Liong]


  • Choreographic design that turned energy into movement artifacts in space 

[Angela Liong]



Guided tours available with registration. Tours will only be conducted with a minimum number of 10 participants. To book tours, please click here to register.

(Please register at least 24h before your preferred tour slot).



Available Time Slots: 




























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