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1 Oct - 30 Nov 2021 | SISTIC Live

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MOON ON EARTH 《照无眠》is a short dance film inspired by the woodblock series One Hundred Aspects of the Moon (月百姿 1892) by the last of the Ukiyo-E master, Tsukioka Yoshitoshi. This contemporary dance reverie also marks the muted mood of a pandemic affected Mid-Autumn Festival in 2021.


The dance film features 9 dramatic female characters in 9 micro-dance theatre solos by three new dance-makers: Aisha Polestico, Delia Tan and Wang Weiwei. They navigated and explored the sense of loneliness and isolation in their choreographic research that served to inform their own views of female psyche throughout times.  

Special mention of one eminent guest performer by Cultural Medallion recipient, sculptor Han Sai Por, who plays the mysterious Moon Figure in the film.  


8 May - 31 Jul 2021  |  SISTIC Live

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Filmed on locations in a disused fish-farm nestled among wild vegetations and an abandoned old school hall, [In]finite Octagon is a lush film using dance, new sounds of traditional instruments, and a fluid art installation to reinterpret the legend of the Eight Immortals in contemporary attributes.


The film highlights the tipping points in abstract terms of our rapidly deteriorating environment. The twin film release also includes another 15-min motion-graphic film INFIN8OCTAGON by collaborator New Zealand intermedia artist Daniel Belton. 

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16 - 31 Oct 2020  |  The Future Stage

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STRAWBERRY MOON IN 4 ACTS is a community outreach performance of the annual Moonstruck Series that marks the celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival.  The title is inspired by the last full moon in June coined as the “Strawberry Moon” in reference to strawberry season in early summer.    

Combining Augmented Reality (AR) and choice-based options, Strawberry Moon comprises four modular narratives where viewers can freely enter in and out of each act. The four lunarscapes highlight the elements of water, sand, cloud, and wind with surreal characters in titles like Chang-E’s Mirror(雨湿月), Pavane on Moondust (踏沙行), Rabbit Dreaming (云筑梦), and Lunar Wind Chasers (风逐花).  

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19 May 2018  | 8 PM |  Esplanade Theatre  

Presented by The Philharmonic Orchestra 


The performance is helmed by Cultural Medallion recipients Maestro Lim Yau and Choreographer Angela Liong, and supported by an inter-generational cast comprising senior citizens with dance students performing alongside professional dancers from Arts Fission and musicians from The Philharmonic Orchestra. 

garden•uprooted contrasts the idea of garden as a sanctuary with the upheaval of diaspora in modern times. The performance features works by acclaimed Japanese Composer Toru Takemitsu (1930 – 1996), whose music took great inspiration from nature and the traditional Japanese garden. 


17 & 18 March 2017  |  8 PM  |  Victoria Theatre

A multidisciplinary dance performance

on food, land, and collective memories

What to eat?

Not just to feed the body but also fill the soul?

FUTURE FEED reflects the artists’ premonition of depleting arable lands that would ultimately lead to the loss of collective memories and broken human connections.  FUTURE FEED invites you to hear the laments of empty rice bowls and feel the sodden dance steps at the shadow of the paddy fields. 

The performance offers a spread of dance, live music, soundscape, film, and set design to contemplate on the issues of food source and consumption in our modern times.


9 & 10 December 2016  |  Melbourne Arts Centre Lawn  

A Singapore and Australia dance collaboration between The Arts Fission Company and choreographer Victoria Chiu presented by Multicultural Arts Victoria as part of Mapping Melbourne 2016.

Staged at the iconic Art Centre lawn, this site specific piece embraces the energy of Melbourne’s arts epicenter and ties it to the Chinese animal zodiac with 2016 being the Year of the Monkey under the element of Fire. Fire Monkey also involves different communities in Singapore and Melbourne by asking participants to use 3000-year old Chinese oracle bone script to create hand-dyed fabric strips as modern text messages across oceans. The colorful strips made by community members are incorporated in a spectacular installation at the performance site.

IN THE NAME OF RED                            THE SCROLL OF NANYANG INK

4 - 6 December 2015  |  8, 9, 10 PM  |  National Gallery Singapore

Two site-specific performances by The ARTS FISSION Company

For the official opening of The National Gallery Singapore

In The Name of Red is a site-specific performance that takes inspiration and pays homage to the red hues and objects found in paintings under the different Southeast Asian collections of the National Gallery with dancers in red scaling the two grand staircases at the Padang Atrium. 

The Scroll of Nanyang Ink visualized the idea of layering space and time through different movement scenarios along the 36 m long green corridor that serves as the unique performing space in the format of a Chinese handscroll at the Supreme Court Terrace.


Crossing the Maritime Silk Road

The Mazu Chronicle is an innovative symphonic dance-theatre performance featuring orchestral and choral music by Singaporean composers that pays homage to Asian folklore and the maritime pioneers of Singapore.


Inspired by real-life stories of early seafarers of the Maritime Silk Road and the legend of Mazu, the patron goddess of the sea, The Mazu Chronicle presents the visual spectacle of a stage transformed into a vessel that traverses the landscape of memory and imagination.


This special one-time only performance is helmed by Cultural Medallion recipients, Maestro Lim Yau and Choreographer Angela Liong, the artistic team behind the successful sold-out production in 2013, The Rite of Spring: A People’s Stravinsky.

Presented by The Philharmonic Orchestra & The ARTS FISSION Company

In Collaboration with Esplanade Theatre by the Bay


30 August 2015  |  5 PM  |  The Esplanade Concert Hall


30 January - 8 February 2015

National Design Centre  |   The Arts House   |   library@esplanade

Make It New is a 10-day event featuring diverse programmes at different locations. This concept enables Arts Fission to share with the public and let them experience the multi-faceted contemporary dance through Arts Fissionʼs own creative journey in the span of 20 years. 


Make It New celebrated and marked 20 years of Arts Fissionʼs presence in the contemporary dance scene in Singapore since its inaugural performance at the Asian Performing Arts Festival in 1995.


Not intending to just dwell in the past and present a retrospective, Make It New is forward-looking in spirit by re-examining past works of Art Fission: the themes, ideas, concepts, and performance stagings in order to recreate new dance inspirations, initiate stimulating dialogues, reconnect with past collaborators, and engage with new audiences from there.

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