Everyday Waltzes for Active Ageing uses specific movement vocabulary to build strong core muscles to minimize fall accident in daily life for the elderly while at the same time using dance to uplift, heal, and stimulate the human spirit that empowers positive mind and body image for the elderly participants.

ARTS FISSION engages with the elderly in Everyday Waltzes by using arts and dance to stimulate their cognitive abilities and creativity. 


The company has worked with VWOs like APEX Day Rehabilitation Centre, NTUC Eldercare, Villa Francis Home for the Aged, and AWWA Community Home for Senior Citizens and Senior Activity Centres.


The project introduces mature/elderly participants to arts and culture with two integrated arts modules that use active hands-on process.


Email admin@artsfission.org to enquire about Everyday Waltzes programme!


This video was created with the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) in partnership with the National Arts Council.