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Everyday Waltzes for Active Ageing® is a senior wellness concept first conceived in 2009 by Cultural Medallion recipient and choreographer Angela Liong. The concept has since developed into a well research curriculum that serves as creative intervention for seniors as well as training programme for eldercare staff. The programme taps on the seniors’ imagination and physical responses and stimulates their cognitive as well as kinetic capabilities. Using creative movement that aims to enable mood improvement and sense of wellbeing through social interaction, the curriculum turns mundane daily routines into enriching dance experience that benefits frail seniors with cognitive and physical impairment.

ARTS FISSION engages with the elderly in Everyday Waltzes by using arts and dance to stimulate their cognitive abilities and creativity. 


The company has worked with VWOs like APEX Day Rehabilitation Centre, NTUC Eldercare, Villa Francis Home for the Aged, and AWWA Community Home for Senior Citizens and Senior Activity Centres.


The project introduces mature/elderly participants to arts and culture with two integrated arts modules that use active hands-on process.


Email to enquire about Everyday Waltzes programme!


This video was created with the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) in partnership with the National Arts Council.

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