edwin wee

rehearsal director & company dancer

Edwin joined ARTS FISSION as an apprentice and was offered the position of full-time dancer in 2009 and was appointed the company’s Rehearsal Director in January 2012. He graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) with a Diploma in Dance – majoring in contemporary dance. Upon graduation, he was invited by NAFA to present his graduating choreography, The Shaman's Cat, at the da:ns Festival 2008 at Esplanade. He also performed in Blk 33 (2008) choreographed by Aaron Khek Ah Hock, Generations Spotlight: Moscow (2008) directed by Ivan Heng where he performed for the President of Russia, Dmitriy Medvedev, and Singapore's Senior Minister, Goh Chok Tong. He later performed for His Excellency President of Singapore SR Nathan at the Singapore Design Awards 2008.

He first danced for ARTS FISSION in the company’s annual young people’s performance Imagine Trees (Dec 2008), and have since performed in all  major seasons; Interview with Palace Ghosts (Mar 2009), Bird Call (Jun 2009), The Weather Stations (Nov 2009), Grafitti of the Celeste (Mar 2010), Flowers of Lamentation 1: Poppy Tears (Aug 2010), The Last Lumiere (March 2011), Flowers of Lamentaiton 2: Petals in the Crowd (Aug 2011) and The Folly of a Garden (Jan 2012). He has also toured with the company to Yogjakarta for a movement research trip (March 2011) and to Salihara Theatre, Jakarta, Indonesia performing Petals in a Crowd (Feb 2012).