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2015 Dance Immersion Programme Audition


When: Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Where: ARTS FISSION’s Garden Studio

Time: 10:30 – 12:30





















The ARTS FISSION Company invites you to our Dance Immersion Programme Audition.

In tandem with the creative synergy of ARTS FISSION, the Dance Immersion Programme is a full-time apprenticeship programme designed to develop the capabilities of a new generation of dancers with a different dance profile.

Akin to post-graduate program, the programme will introduce dance entrants through themed-learning based on the company's current creative and research works. The non-linear way of dance practice provides possibilities for fresh graduates to discover other connecting components and enables them to arrive at the larger perspective of multi-disciplinary practice in today’s professional dance world.

The programme gives the apprentices opportunity to:

·      hone their craft into a rigorous discipline that can navigate the complexities of today’s creative world

·      discover and develop their full capacities under master mentorship

·      go beyond generic technical training and articulate ideas and thoughts and become thinking dance artists

The Dance Immersion Programme consists of 3 months of probation period and 1 year of apprenticeship. ARTS FISSION will provide basic monthly stipend for successful candidates.


·      Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident

·      Preferably holds a professional dance diploma or dance degree qualification

·      Mature and independent personality but also good team-player

·      Artistically curious and open to new learning experience

Interested candidates should email the following prior to the audition:

·      Latest CV with personal particulars

·      A headshot

Please also prepare a solo for your audition (2 min max). 

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