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The dance component provides technical training in context to the different growing stages of young dancers age 4 to 12. 

Preschoolers go through dance initiation with strong rhythmic emphasis in creative movement.  Children aged 7 and above learn the precision of ballet and the dynamics of contemporary dance as training basis.  The dance training is presented with engaging dance imagery to develop a keen sense of imagination, agile motor skills as well as confidence in expression and musicality.


All dance students have the opportunity to participate in the annual Young People Environmental Dance-Theatre (YPED) production presented at a professional theatre venue.  YPED provides invaluable learning opportunities for children to experience the vigor of dance discipline in formal context.  It also expands the children’s perspective of the dance art and connects their artistic practice to larger environmental concerns that would impact our world. 


The creative dance curriculum is designed to develop coordination of motor skills in young children. The class seeds awareness of movement and rhythmic shapes, texture, and tempo of sound and music to engage young children through imaginative movement play.   

Developed by Cultural Medallion recipient choreographer and creative arts curriculum expert Angela Liong, the program emphasizes a holistic approach to learning about movement, sound, and music in reference to the world around the children. 


This is an innovative dance course designed for a mixed age group of young people from 7 – 12 with emphasis on performance skills.  Breaking from the norm of regimental conventional dance learning, this course focuses on using movement objects to stimulate movement learning for the young dancers.

The annual year-end Young People Environmental Dance Theatre production provides the platform to showcase the students’ acquired performance skills in a ticketed public performance at the theatre.  All young people in DANCE THEATRE WORKSHOP as well as CREATIVE DANCE PLAY have the unique learning opportunity to a full theatre making experience led by arts professionals. 

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