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Angela Liong

artistic director
2009 (dance) cultural medallion recipient

Angela is a prolific dance-maker with a large body of works that has shaped the distinctive dance profile of ARTS FISSION since the company’s inception in 1994. She often draws inspiration from literary classics and cultural sources for her dance works. She borrows form and methodology from other disciplines to create choreographic structures that engage with human expressions.


Referred by the Arts Magazine (issue Mar-Apr 1999) as “Singapore’s shaman of dance,” Angela has created many performances for unconventional public spaces in order to solicit place memory from the urban public through dance experience.  Her dance works for ARTS FISSION have been presented regionally and internationally since the mid-2000s.


The 1998 Southeast Asia haze crisis piqued Angela’s interest on the topical research of environmental changes that affect humanity from the perspective of arts and culture.  She initiated in 2006 Project LOCUST WRATH -- a climate change inspired performance series where together with her dancers, she embarks on annual cultural expedition to regional climate hot spots like Central Java.  She had attended arts, science and climate change conference all the way to Oslo, Norway and in 2008 was invited by Asia-Europe Foundation as advisor and facilitator in organizing an exclusive workshop that involved a group of established artists and scientists from Europe and Asia.


Angela is the recipient of the 2009 Cultural Medallion and continues to create dance works with ARTS FISSION on diverse issues that affects life in Asia.

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